Surgical Scrub

1. Preoperative surgical scrubbing by surgeons and operating room staff.

Broad Spectrum Antimicrobial Activity

Persistence up to several hrs.


1. Significant reduction in microbial count on hands and forearms.

2. Broad-spectrum Antimicrobial action.

3. Rapid killing times 30sec.

4. No clinically significant development of resistance.

5. No incidence of irritation. 

6. Persist Antimicrobial action “up to 4hrs’’

Directions for use

During each of the following steps, keep hands (clean area) above the elbows (dirty area), allowing water to drain away, and avoid splashing surgical attire:

1. Apply appropriate amount of appropriate solution: 5ml dose from the dispenser (one downward stroke action).

Work into hands palm to palm and to encompass all areas of the hands and arms to just below the  elbows as follows

2. Right palm over the back of left and vice versa with ringers interlaced.

3. Rub palm to palm, fingers interlaced

4. Rotational rubbing backward and forwards with clasped fingers of the right hand into left palm hand and vice versa.

5. Rotational rubbing of right thumb clasped in left hand and vice versa

6. Rub finger tips on palms for both hands.

7. Continue with rotating action down opposing arms, working to just below the elbows

8. Rinse and repeat steps 1-7, keeping hands raised above elbows at all times.

This wash should now only cover two-thirds of the forearms to avoid compromising the cleanliness of hands.

Rinse hands under running water clean to dirty area. Turn off tap using elbows if necessary. 

Open gown pack into a squared-off surface, and take a hand towel. Hands are dried first by placing the opposite hand behind the towel and blotting the skin. Then, using a corkscrew movement, dry from hand to elbow.

Discard towel Using a second towel, repeat the process on the other hand and forearm before discarding.

List of Uses

1. Preoperative surgical scrubbing by surgeons and operating room staff.

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